Some customers experience an empty shopping cart once they arrive at checkout. This is due to the fact that, in order to be able to correctly manage the order during checkout the website needs to place a cookie on your pc and it's being blocked because of your security settings. Click below the 'read more' link to learn how to solve this and process your order. Please be advised that you can change this by explicitly allowing cookies for gardens4you without changing security settings for the internet in general.

Your pc will stay secure and on our website you will be able to securely check out, see below for instructions.

How to enable cookies for gardens4you

1. Open your control panel from the start button and click on internet options.

2. Within internet options click on the Privacy tab to open the Privacy settings.

3. Click on the sites button to go to the manage sites page.

4. Enter the website in the address of website field: or  and click on the allow button.

5. Check if the website is now mentioned as a managed website and press the OK button.

You should now be able to checkout properly, if you still experience problems, contact customer service to help you out.