If the plants do not grow in the time estimated, we offer a replacement  or your money back, it's as easy as that!

Warranty period:

  • Houseplants and Bonsais 3 months
  • Spring bulbs 1 growing season until 31 May at the latest
  • Summer bulbs and bedding plants 1 growing season until 1 October at the latest
  • Perennial plants and shrubs 1 year

Although we do our utmost to give you the best plants and garden items, something can always go wrong, either here, on the road with the courier or in your garden. You do not have to worry, you are always assured of our Growth Guarantee.

Of course we assume normal care, such as sufficient watering and light and fertilizing on time. Neglect of plants is obviously not covered.

In order to be able to properly assess the complaint and prevent repetition, we may ask you for a photograph of the plant and/or its location.

When contacting our customer service, please keep your order number at hand for easy and quick handling.